| Edelle Schlegel

Mystery Box now available ⁉️

So, I know what some of you are thinking, isn't the variety box basically a mystery box?? Well, to be fair, you never know exactly what you are gonna get, but we always tally our orders each week and try to include as much variety as possible into each box. Tallying orders can be pretty difficult and making sure we harvest the exact amount of fruit for our orders is even harder. This is why we harvest a little extra each week of whatever is abundant. Normally, we freeze dry left over fruit, but we also have been thinking about trying out a mystery box for people who are interested in trying our fruit for the absolute lowest price we can offer.

What's inside the mystery box? Basically anything we have left over after fulfilling all in-season fresh fruit orders. Each week it changes. Expect to not expect any specific fruit. Right now you MIGHT recieve mamey, bananas, guava, passionfruit, dragonfruit, and avocado, but you also MIGHT only receive 1-3 varieties.

Here are the important things to know about this box:
-to keep the cost ultra low, we ask that you do not ask us any questions (via email or message) or make any special requests when ordering this box. If this box makes us have to spend too much time, we may have to discontinue.
-we do not offer refunds or store credit for this box
-it will only contain fresh fruit unless you add a dry good to your order then your dry good may be inside the box
-it will always contain in season high quality tropical fruit that we would normally include in a variety box, it just might be a lot less variety than a variety box.

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