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Mangosteen is HERE! 💜 + Harvest Update 🌈

It’s Mangosteen Season!

Mangosteen is only available for a couple days!

The mangosteen that we import is 100% RAW, NEVER IRRADIATED.

It’s a very juicy and sweet, floral flavored fruit with a hint of tartness. 

Last year we we were only able to get one shipment of mangosteen, and this year may be the same. If you want mangosteen this year please order now, because we will be shipping today and tomorrow.

The mangosteen will be shipping overnight in coolers to ensure freshness upon delivery.

We harvested the Mauritius lychee variety this week. Most of the pre orders were fulfilled and we expect to be completely caught up next week. 

This year we have an abundance of lychee and they’re only going to get sweeter and sweeter as the season continues. However, it is important to place a pre order as soon as possible because lychee season only lasts a few weeks. Now is a good time to order a variety box as well.

Lychee is known for its sweetness and juiciness with a hint of tart. They’re best eaten on their own but they can also be blended or juiced into a super sweet and delicious  beverage

What's in season this week:
Mammee Apple
Mamey Sapote
Pink Guava
Nam Wah Bananas
Pisang Raja Bananas
Yellow Dragonfruit 
White Dragonfruit 
June Plum
sprouted coconut 
Frozen Musang King Durian

Fresh Durian 

Purple Sweet Potato (limited)
Turmeric (limited)
Custard Apple (very limited)