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🌈It's summertime and FRUIT is on our minds! 🌞

We are really enjoying the rich flavor and juicy explosion of lychees right now. The trees require a special amount of cold weather every year to be able to fruit. Last year our winter was mild and we barely had any lychees. This year we are grateful that our winter was cold enough to produce a good lychee crop but we can’t make any promises or predictions for next year. If you want to try high quality USA grown lychee then this is your sign to order now. The season is short and only lasts a few weeks.

Locally Grown Red Dragonfruit is back!! So delicious and nutrient dense. Eat rich colored foods for lots of antioxidants!

Mango season has just begun here in Miami. Some varieties are still trickling in. We are sourcing only the highest quality mangoes that we can find.

Mamey is so filling and delicious. Some might say it’s a fruitarian staple.
Fun fact about Mamey: sometimes they’re ready to harvest super small and other times they’re not ready when they’re larger than a football! How do we know they’re ready to pick? We scratch the skin first to see the color underneath. Dark orange-red means ready pale orange-green means not ready. That’s one of the reasons why our Mamey is better than anything you’d find in the stores. Also can’t beat getting it delivered directly to your door.

Passionfruit and watermelon are the perfect breakfast. Are you stocked up on both?

It’s easy to smile when jackfruit is in season. Life Hack: when the jackfruit is ripe it will smell super sweet. Refrigerate it for a few hours before cutting into it to reduce the drippy sap.

This fruit is called ciruela, hug plum, or jocote! We will be harvesting them to ship on Monday. Please place your order as soon as possible.

There’s not many savory fruits out there in the world, but this is one of them! The outside of the sprouted coconut ball is my favorite because it usually tastes the saltiest, and sometimes there’s even a bit of oil which gives it more flavor! Often times the oil will be translucent, but sometimes it can be brownish or even blue! It’s usually fine if it looks like that just give it a sniff and if it smells good then it’s perfect to eat. The inside of the ball is spongey like angel food cake!

What's in season this week:
Red Dragonfruit
Mammee Apple
Mamey Sapote
Pink Guava
Nam Wah Bananas
Pisang Raja Bananas
Yellow Dragonfruit 
White Dragonfruit 
June Plum
sprouted coconut 
Frozen Musang King Durian

Fresh Durian 

Purple Sweet Potato (limited)
Turmeric (limited)
Custard Apple (very limited)