| Edelle Schlegel

ūüéČGuanabana Goodness! + Harvest Updateūüíö

Friendly reminder that we will not be shipping fruit this Tuesday July 4th, but we will ship durian Wednesday or as soon as the shipment arrives from Thailand. All regular fruit shipments will resume July 11th.

Right now is the perfect time to order mango. They are in full season here in Miami.
The magana mamey sapote is still going strong here. Not long before Key West is in season.

Soon we will stop shipping dragonfruit. They are extremely fragile and require extra padding to ship safely. If you'd like to purchase overnight shipping, please send us an email with your location.

Lots of jackfruit popping off the trees right now. We highly encourage you to try ordering a jackfruit mix box. 

The sapodilla fruit is still in season, but not much longer.

We are loving these avocados. Avocado is a satiating and nutritious fruit.

These pineapples are truly incredible. We harvested much less this week than previous weeks. Looks like the season has peaked. We should have pineapples for a couple more weeks.

Say goodbye to lychee season We have been picking a few pounds here and there on the sparse trees in South Florida. We don't think we will be able to harvest any more, but you can always pre-order in case we do or to reserve your spot for next season.

Look forward to soursop season! They are finally ripening on the few trees we harvest from. Get your pre-order in as soon as you can if you want Guanabana this year. Limited availability.
There's still time to order durian! We are expecting the new shipment on Wednesday.