| Edelle Schlegel

Fun & Simple Finger Lime Recipes

Lately I've been enjoying finger limes with every meal, so here are some super easy ideas to inspire you to incorporate this unique fruit into your diet. Also, did you know that you can freeze a finger lime whole, defrost, and still cut in half and squeeze out the pearls? If you freeze what you cannot eat right away, you can enjoy them any time you want!

Refreshing & Fun Watermelon Juice
Watermelon, Key Lime, and Finger Lime
Juice the watermelon and key lime and squeeze the finger limes in afterwards.

Papaya and Lime w/ a Twist
Directions, squeeze finger lime on a papaya like how you would with a regular lime, but enjoy the satisfying texture of finger lime pearls with the pop of lime flavor when you take a bite!

Super Healthy Buddha Burrito Bowl
Brown rice cooked with turmeric and black pepper, black beans cooked with chopped onion and garlic cloves, tomato salsa, cabbage and carrot kraut, avocado, and top with finger limes!
When you make food at home not only is it way healthier than ordering out, but you save a lot of money which over time adds up and you can then treat yourself to fancy ingredients like finger limes which make cooking at home way more fun!