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Another Special Edition 🌟Harvest Update! 💝✨

Welcome to another special edition newsletter featuring Riley @geminipapaya. Some of her passions include: veganism, fruit, mindfulness meditation, yoga, music, movement, and caring for mother earth. She is one of the most caring human beings I've ever met, and I (Edelle) feel truly honored to take pictures of her for miamifruit.

Nam Wah bananas are a smoothie staple of ours. Riley has been enjoying them in all over her smoothies, from chocolate to tropical, these bananas add the perfect texture and have a great flavor. 

Sapodillas are still trickling in. You can always pre order at miamifruit.org

Yellow dragonfruit is so shockingly good. Its one of our favorite fruits to watch someone eat for the first time because they're always so surprised by the sweetness.

Cacao is commonly used for spiritual ceremonies here in Miami. The fruit gives you a special feeling when you eat it. Mostly of energy followed by bliss.

Riley is passionate about passionfruit. She loves eating it on her papayas. She first discovered this amazing combo in Hawaii where she met me (Edelle). We quickly became friends over our love of fruit.

Avocado adds a creamy, buttery flavor to any dish. Riley has been enjoying them in her nightly salads with some kale and rare tomatoes.
I wanted to make Riley feel like the special star that she is with this photo shoot. She always shines brighter than I expect. Speaking of stars, did you know you can add freeze dried star fruit to any box of fresh fruit for $5 and only pay shipping on the fruit box? Now you do! Add freeze dried star fruit to your smoothie bowl for a pop of dimension and crunch.
Overview of What's in season this week:
Black sapote (very limited)
Eggfruit (limited)
Yellow Dragonfruit (limited)
Longan (limited)
sapodilla (limited)
sprouted coconut