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Banana Variety Box


This box comes with a variety of all the exotic bananas we currently have in season!

Each week we harvest the bananas that are fully developed. We grow many different varieties in small amounts, so you never know exactly what you will get until you receive your box.

Sample Banana Variety Box:

Large Banana Variety Box:

Want to identify the variety? Send a photo of the bananas lined up to

From left to right: pisang raja, cuban red, gros michel, nam wah, mysore

How to tell when an exotic USA grown banana is ripe:

Always go by softness and easiness to peel. They may or may not have sports when they are ready. The praying hands should be very wrinkly at the tips when ready to eat.

We pack our Flat Rate boxes as full as we can. The total weight varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the fruit: 
Sample Box contains up to 3-6 pounds.

- Large Box contains up to 10-14 pounds.
- Extra Large Box contains up to 20-26 pounds.
- Bulk Box contains up to 35-45 pounds.


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