| Edelle Schlegel

‚ú®Special Edition Miami Fruit Harvest Update ūüíĚ

This is Jakub @jakubmisiek from Canada. He is a raw vegan friend of ours that we met at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. He to travelled to Miami to escape the cold winter for a few weeks. During this time, we decided to create a more in-depth season guide for miamifruit.org including a calendar filled with fruity vegan models for each month. You can get a small glimpse at some pictures from the photoshoot througout this email. All pictures taken by Edelle. 

photo by: Raini Pachak

If you want to meet us at the best festival in the world, you can get $100 off admission for the Woodstock Fruit Festival when you use the code: MIAMIFRUIT

What's in Season This Week:

Yellow Dragonfruit is one of Jakub's all time favorite fruits. The sweetness and hydration is hard to beat. We shipped out many yellow dragonfruits this week, but we are expecting a small 3 week break. They will be available again very soon, so make sure to  get your pre-order in asap, but you may have to be patient to enjoy this amazing fruit.
When this Canadian fruitarian came to Miami, he thought these were potatoes! Now he jokingly says that sapodillas are the best potatoes he's ever had. Sapodilla aka chico aka nispero is one the fruits we get the most questions about. This fruit is in the sapote family, and must be soft enough to open with your hands before eating. It tastes like a mixture of maple syrup and brown sugar. We don't have very many left on the trees at all right now, but you can always pre order.

We picked more black sapote this week, but there really aren't many left on the trees. Next week will be a small harvest of anything that remains. This was the fruit that Jakub was most exited to try.

Jakub's favorite way to eat cacao is by adding them to his smoothies.

 Our favorite variety of cacao will be available this week. This variety usually contains more flesh to seed ratio and has a very sweet fruit.

These passionfruit smell super fragrant and amazing. This larger colorful variety is pretty sour, but when eaten with a miracle berry, they're surprisingly sweet. Jakub got to experience the magic of miracle berries and sour fruits for the first time last Thursday on the farm. Miracle berries will be available soon so make sure to keep reading our emails!

My mouth waters so much every time I’m about to eat gamboge.  Its sour sweetness reminds my tastebuds of a warheads candy or sour patch kid, but this actually has health benefits. Wait for this fruit to soften before eating. It should be soft enough to open with your hands. Gamboge will only be available for another week or so.

Avocado is a fruitarian staple, even here in Miami. It is the perfect fruit to end the day with, excluding durian of course. Jakub increased his fat intake by doing a short avocado island with these avocados. He couldn't resist the creamy saltiness of the Miami avocados.

This thursday was a fun filled farm day with friends. We stood up a fallen abiu tree and collected hundreds of fallen coconuts. We like to organize fallen nuts into one big pile so it’s easy to collect them for eating or shipping when they sprout. We have a lot more work to do on the farm before it’s open to the public, but we have been capturing our journey cleaning up the farm since we (Edelle and Rane) purchased it and will be posting videos soon! We are so grateful for all of the help we’ve received so far, and are open to have more help in the future. (Sign up on our volunteer page at miamifruit.org) If you already know us personally, don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re looking to get your hands dirty.