| Edelle Schlegel

ūüėćAttention Fruit Loversūüíě Get your love some fruits for V-Day!ūüíĖ

Give yourself a little self loving this week! 

Any Florida orders placed by Monday will be delivered on Valentine's Day! Order the gift of fruit for you or your loved ones!
If you're in a state other than Florida, you will receive your fruit a day or two later, but you can always celebrate your love with fruit!

You may have noticed some ackee floating around our pictures and posts, but we must disclaim we only ship freeze dried akee, which you can pre order here! 

The banana variety has been epic lately, this week we had: Nam Wah, Gros Michele, Psang Raja, Mysore, and Cuban Red Bananas!

Yellow dragonfruit is still around, and we still love to see first time reactions. If you haven't tried this amazing fruit yet, this is your sign! Send us a video of your reaction, we'd love to see. 

We had a light sapodilla harvest this week. No sure how often we will be able to harvest. A pre order will secure your spot in line for our next harvest.

This variety of passionfruit in particular is sour and tangy.  We highly recommend eating it with sweet fruit such as papaya, mango, yellow dragonfruit, bananas, or watermelon. They also taste amazing on top of a smoothie bowl.

Our customer @rawbliss95 on instagram has been LOVING these buttery avocados for his nightly meal. We have also been enjoying these with our evening meals.
Sprouted coconut is still a favorite of ours for nighttime meals. Try adding it to your nightly salads for a change of texture!
@theparissimone¬†‚Äės soursop box arrived! ¬†Please allow for 1-3 weeks after you place an order for soursop for your box to arrive since we have limited availability right now. As soon as we ship your box you will receive an email with your tracking number. ¬†Make sure to open your box as soon as it arrives.