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🚫 Zero Waste Fruit Boxes 📦 🌳

The zero waste movement is a movement that we support and try to do what we can to be a part of. 

When the founder of MiamiFruit (Rane) first started selling fruits, he didn't even have a car! Every fruit was picked from the tree and placed on the back of his bike trailer.

We started shipping fruit by using shredded paper to fill the small spaces and sometimes we wrapped paper around each fruit to protect it. Unfortunately, paper holds in heat and moisture which made the fruit often arrive warm and wet, so we switched to our current fruit foams.

We still try to use the least amount of foam as possible by shoving small fruits like key lime passionfruit, or rambutan in the small spaces of the boxes.

As our business continues to grow, we will continue looking for biodegradeable alternatives that protect the fruit at the same accuracy of our current fruit foams. If you have any ideas, feel free to send us an email miamifruitsales@gmail.com

With that said, we have decided to make some fruit boxes completely fruit foam free! These are the hardier fruits that don't need as much protection such as: lychee, passionfruit, rambutan, longan, sprouted coconut, june plum, key lime, sugarcane, jackfruit, durian, and mangosteen!

If you are a 100% zero waste small business owner, we just want to let you know we support you and admire your great effort to make the world better. If you are like us and just trying to get better one step at a time, we feel you!

One way we feel we are doing the part to offset the carbon emmissions we create is by planting more trees every year at our fruit farm! Every purchase from our website helps us continue to cultivate a better future.

Watch this video to see how you can reuse the fruit foams.


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