| Edelle Schlegel

What's in Season for February! ūüĆļ

Have you ever seen a passionfruit flower? Isn't it incredible??

It even produces a beautiful oval-shaped fruit with so much deliciousness inside!

Sprouted coconuts are always in season here! This savory, buttery, angel food cake fruit is a must try for fruit lovers!

Say goodbye to canistel/eggfruit season. We harvested the last ones off our favorite tree, but we may be able to find more next week. You can always pre-order to secure your spot for our next harvest!

Luckily, theres always a new delicious fruit in season! Sapodilla is really coming in now. This sweet, juicy fruit is amazing on its own, but makes a great sweetener in smoothies!

Also coming into season is mamey sapote! This rich, creamy fruit is a fruitarian staple in the tropics. These big mamey pack a lot of nutrition, fill you up, and keep you satisfied!

Star apple is taking its time coming in! We haven't been able to harvest much yet, but we will let you know as soon as we have a huge harvest! You can always pre-order to secure your place on our waiting list. 

Orinoco bananas are now available! This is the most popular cooking banana in Miami, but they also taste great completely raw!

If you've been waiting for our freeze dried jaboticaba, here it is! So good, so healthy, and that crunch takes it to a whole new level.

Freeze dried sapodilla is also available now! Makes a great snack when you're craving something sweet and crunchy. It could also be used as a sugar/sweetener alternative!

Would you all be interested in freeze dried curry leaf or moringa? Let us know! info@miamifruit.org