| Edelle Schlegel

End of January Harvest Update! 

Huge Jaboticaba harvest this week.

This is just one of three big boxes of jaboticaba that we harvested. If you ordered after our last harvest day, we may not be able to fulfill your order until next season. This is why it is so important to stay updated on our latest news, please follow our posts on instagram or Facebook to receive more updates. We will fulfill any leftover orders by first-come pre-order first serve basis. If you would like to order jaboticaba this week, you can still place an order, and if there is not enough available, we will be able to issue you a refund.

With that being said, now is a great time to order egg fruit! That will be the next fruit to go out of season, so if you want to try it, or just need another fix before the end of the season, please order canistel this week.
Rane and Edelle are hard at work picking canistel!

Black sapote is also a great fruit to order now. It will stick around for a little bit longer, but many of the fruits have already gone soft on the trees. 

If you follow us on instagram, you may have seen our flash Kandrian banana sale on Tuesday. Sometimes we post quick day long sales on fruits that we have an abundance of. Follow us @miamifruit

Sapodilla season is coming in! Can you see the three different varieties in this picture? This sweet fruit is always a customer favorite.

Freeze dried black sapote is now available! We really love this one. It would make a nice crumbled topping to a black sapote pudding.

Sapodilla and black sapote blended together make a delicious and simple pudding!
Mamey sapote season is here.You can order a box at miamifruit.org.