| Edelle Schlegel

ūüćäWhat in the World is a Wompee‚ĀČÔłŹ

Check out the harvest from this Monday. Plus a bonus video on how to tell when a mamey sapote is ripe!

Check out this cool fruit called wompee! We harvested enough to put in every variety box this week. It's like a grape but it's in the citrus family. It has a very unique flavor! You can eat the skin and insides but make sure to spit out the seeds.

Say goodbye to star apple season! We will miss them, but are super exited about the mangos coming in.

Rane harvesting some jackfruits. The season is coming on strong! Now is a great time to get a jackfruit mix box.

There is still a good amount of Magana mamey sapotes on the trees! We are also noticing the Key West mamey is starting to size up, not long before they come into season. You can use the code MAYOFMAMEY all month long to get 10% off any size mamey sapote box.

Lots of avocados coming in! We cannot wait. We have become total avocado lovers.
Nice and clean purple sweet potatos fresh from the earth. All we do to clean them is a quick rinse with water and then we let them dry in the sun. This food comes from nature so sometimes you may notice a little dirt on the roots or fruits. Don't worry though, everything is spray free and a little extra B12 does the body good!

Check out this video on how to tell when a mamey sapote is ripe!

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