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💝The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide 💝

Happy Holidays! Finding the perfect gift can get confusing and tricky, but we are here to help! Check out our recommendations below:

#1 Budget Shopper

If you are on a budget, buying a secret santa gift, or purchasing a gift for someone you know would be offended if you spent more than $20, check out our Dry Goods section for freeze dried fruit, seamoss, and mountain soursop leaf tea! We highly recommend freeze dried sprouted coconut since we have a lot in stock and it tastes delicious.

#2 Stocking Stuffers

Similar to shopping on a budget, a stocking stuffer might be trying to stretch their dollar as far as possible while still giving the gift of health, and we got you! Order a rambutan and key lime box to add a touch of red and green to every gift bag and stocking. We also have the Stocking Stuffer Box which contains three freeze dried variety packs and three sticker sheets which make the perfect stocking stuffers or mini gifts for three fruit lover friends (or get it all for yourself).

#3 The Alkaline Vegan

If you're a part of the online plant based community you've probably got at least one hardcore alkaline vegan friend. As you may know, soursop is the perfect alkaline treat! Of course, if you have a lot of alkaline vegan friends, you can order a box and give each of them their own soursop, and/or give them a bag of sea moss as a bonus! Wanna treat someone you love with the ultimate alkaline gift? Get them the Alkaline Dream Box which contains soursop, key limes, seamoss, and mountain soursop leaves!

#4 The Foodie

If you know someone who goes out of their way to make amazing smoothie bowls on a regular basis, the dragonfruit mix box is the perfect gift, because this fruit makes a great smoothie topper and can be easily incorporated into recipes. It also looks beautiful any way you slice it!

#5 The High Carb Vegan

If you know a banana lover still smashing 30 bananas a day, then help them change it up with a banana variety box! They'll be sure to have a smile on their face when they try all of the varieties.

#6 The Keto Vegan

Let's face it, keto (high fat/low carb) vegans have very little options, which is why they are sure to be grateful for an avocado box from Miami Fruit! You could also gift this to any avocado toast lover/enthusiast.

#7 the Health Guru

Do you know someone who already has an arsenal of loose leaf teas filling their cabinets? Well they probably don't have mountain soursop leaf tea from Miami Fruit yet, and this tea is packed with health properties that you can read about here. It's also only $5 and makes a great gift for anyone interested in holistic medicine.

#8 The Choco-holic

The chocolate lover in your life NEEDS to try black sapote aka chocolate pudding fruit, and cacao! I mean, are they even a true chocolate lover until they're tried both? Wanna get them both AND a freeze dried cacao pack? Get them the Chocolate Lover Box for a sweet combo of all three!

#9 That constipated friend

We all have have that one friend, you know, the one who doesn't drink enough water or eat enough fiber... anyway, yellow dragonfruit makes a great digestive regulator and will get things moving if you know what I mean. ;)

#10 Someone REALLY Special

This last one is for that die hard Miami Fruit lover that only wants fruit for Christmas every year. If you know someone like that, then the Holiday Box is ideal because it contains a variety of what we have in season, a freeze dried variety pack, and a sticker sheet! This box is for someone you love a lot. Not to say if you get them something else you don't love them as much, but this is probably what they will love the most ;)

What's in Season

Avocado Box


Dragonfruit Mix Box
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