| Edelle Schlegel

ūüíõ Super Julie mango available this week!

Super Julie mango¬†is a seedling of the Julie mango.¬†A seedling is a tree that has been planted from seed instead of grafted.¬†Each time a seed is planted, a new variety is created.‚Ā£
The Super Julie mango is very similar in flavor and texture to Julie mango, but it is typically a little larger and easier to grow.¬†The Julie mango tree loves being close to the coast, but the Super Julie can produce well closer inland.‚Ā£
The flavor is very sweet and the texture is fiberless. 
The Super Julie mangoes that we are selling this year were all grown and harvested at the Fairchild Farm. They can be found in the Fairchild mango collection or here.
The difference between locally grown mangoes and imported mangoes is not just flavor, but also quality since we do not have to irradiate or hot water treat USA grown mangoes. The law requires all imported mangoes into the US to be irradiated or hot water treated at this time. Irradiation is the process by which an object is exposed to radiation and hot water treatment is the process of boiling mangoes at high temperatures. We believe both procedures cause a loss in quality and nutrients. This is why we only sell locally grown Florida mangoes. 

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