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☀️Summer Fruit Updates + More 🌈

Happy Mid-Late July! 

We hope everyone is having a lovely summer. The fruit season is starting to change up a bit, so here's a little update on what's new.

Avocado season is just starting, the creamier varieties are now trickling in.

We created a dragonfruit mix box which contains at least three different varieties of dragonfruit for a discounted price.

Now is a great time to order longans. In our opinions, they taste best this time of year (July/August).

Sugar apple and soursop are abundant right now.

Mango season is coming to an end. These next couple weeks will be your last chance to get mangos this year. We do plan to bring some mangos to the Woodstock Fruit Festival in August, but we do not expect to harvest much more mangos when we return.

Speaking of Woodstock, we will be taking a small one-two week shipping break during fruit festival season in August, so please make sure to get your orders in as soon as possible, so we have time to fulfill them before then. Wanna stuff your face with a unlimited MiamiFruit? Come to woodstock! Use code: MIAMIFRUIT for $100 off admission.

After Woodstock, we plan to get right back into shipping fruit. We expect our tropical persimmons to be ready in late august/early september, so feel free to place your pre order now to reserve your spot in line.

If you're looking to add more nutrition and variety into your life, treat yourself to a box of amazing high quality fruit. We recommend the premium variety box. Check out some recent pictures from our customers below.

To see more customer photos/reviews check out our instagram page here.


What's in Season
Sugar Apple
Sprouted Coconut

Variety box 
Key Limes
Monthong Durian LIMITED
Tree tomato 
Premium Variety Box
White Dragonfruit
Water Coconuts
Banana Variety
June Plum
Pink Guava

Yellow Dragonfruit 
Red Dragonfruit 
Mangosteen LIMITED
Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle

Miamifruit MERCH