| Edelle Schlegel

Simple Mamey Sapote Recipes ūüí•

Our delicious Key West mamey sapote is going out of season very soon and it will be a couple months before the Magana variety is ready to harvest. Now is your last chance to order! We only have about 100 boxes left on the trees. 

Simply eat mamey plain with a side of banana nice cream for a filling and sweet treat!

The classic Mamey + Tree Tomato + Avocado Simple yet delcious combo.

Frozen mamey sapote blended with some nut milk makes the perfect milkshake! You can literally blend just frozen mamey to make a plain ice cream and add some spices to add a kick of flavor.

This will take a bit more creativity, but the result is drool worthy! You can make raw pies out of mamey sapote smoothie! Try making a simple base with dates and nuts!

Take your mamey to the next level by marinating it in your favorite sauce ( I really love sweet chili or teriyaki) and then wrap it up with your favorite veggies in a nori roll or add avocado and tamarillo for a savory and filling meal.

You can also barbeque or sear mamey like steak!

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