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­čî┤Put some fruit ­čŹî, fun, and sun ­čî× in your life! ­čîł

Another special week of announcements and beautiful vegans eating beautiful fruits! The other week we got to take pictures of the lovely Jenna from @livepurejenna!

Before we get into the photoshoot pictures, we must let you all know that we will be shipping all cherimoya pre orders this Tuesday! Make sure to get your order in as soon as possible. It has an amazingly juicy and creamy texture with little seeds for most annonas. Sweet, hydrating, and filling fruits make life great!
Langsat aka longkong will be available this Tuesday! We know that this fruit is expensive right now, but unfortunately amount is limited. We expect to have 10 boxes available to ship next week.

On to the shoot! Here is Jenna kissing a cacao pod at our farm! We hope to open it to the public someday, but we are still putting a lot of hurricane cleanup into it right now. Luckily Jenna is a friend, but we would like to meet all of you beautiful people and get to know you too! If you are interested in meeting us, come to the Woodstock Fruit Festival this August! You can use the discount code: MIAMIFRUIT to take $100 off admission. Cacao will be available either this week or next week.

This gorgeous photo of jaboticaba in Jenna's hand is one of our favorite photos of jaboticaba, not on the tree! We love getting messages from our patient pre-order people that finally received their packages. We have many pre orders to fulfill still, and plan to harvest more fruit this Monday. If you pre ordered, please be patient because it will take a few weeks or even a few months to have enough ready to pick fruit available to ship.

Yellow dragonfruit is one of Jenna's favorites. We often see her enjoying one on her instagram stories.

Bananas are almost every high fruit eater's staple. There's a good reason too. They're packed with nutrients to keep you going to have the most productive and enjoyable life!

Jenna got to try sprouted coconut for the very first time and she absolutely loved it! It's always fun to watch someone try this amazingly fluffy fruit.

One of our favorite combos right now is an evening meal of rare tomatoes and sprouted coconut. It reminds us of the flavors of pizza! You can order both fruit boxes and receive them this week!

It's hard not to smile when you have juicy, ripe sapodillas in your hands! Make sure they're soft and easy to peel open before enjoying. ;)

Overview of What's in season this week:

Yellow Dragonfruit (limited)
White Dragonfruit (limited)
Passionfruit (limited)
Soursop (limited)
sapodilla (limited)
sprouted coconut
Rare Tomato
Jaboticaba (very limited)
Eggfruit (very limited)
Gamboge (very limited)

Three mushroom varieties including red oyster, blue oyster, and king oyster are now available! Click here to check out the mushroom collection.