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🌟Special Edition 💕 Harvest Update Newsletter 🌈

This Special Edition Harvest Update features many amazing models including Micaela, Eddie, Riley, and Aura. We have been loving taking pictures of friends that come by. If you're local and want a picture of you with fruits, please don't hesitate to ask!Cherimoya was the big new fruit of the week. We were stoked to get a special shipment from California. This amazing fruit is high in flesh and water content, and low in seeds compared to other annonas. We aren't sure when we will have them again, so make sure to keep an eye on our instagram page for updates. You can always pre order in advance to reserve your spot in line. Sapodilla, one of Eddie's favorites, was harvested in abundance this week. It can be hard to know exactly how much is ready each week because we need to scratch test each fruit to see if the color changes. If you'd like to try this fruit, again make sure to pre order, and check our instagram and Facebook pages for updates.We had a huge jaboticaba harvest this Monday. All of the older pre orders were fulfilled. There's still a good amount left on the trees. Now is a great time to get your order in.It's hard to notice the yellow dragonfruit in this photo because Riley is absolutely glowing, but that is how you will feel if you eat a yellow dragonfruit every day.Adorable Micaela, the dragonfruit fairy, really enjoyed some white dragonfruit that she got to try after the photo shoot. She also felt inspired to take some photos of her own of this beautiful fruit. Check her out on instagram: @indigoshypnos Soursop has been said to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, treat infections, and potentially kill cancer cells! Oh and it’s delicious! Treat yourself to a box of soursop today and reap the health benefits in the future! Cacao is such an amazing fruit. We have been obsessed with adding the beans to our smoothies lately.Bananas are a main staple in the fruitarian diet. Whatever you can't eat in its whole form, peel, freeze, and blend for an extra special banana ice cream.Sweet little Aura agreed to let us take pictures of her and her beautiful family the other day. It's so nice to meet people that love sprouted coconuts as much as we do!Rare tomatoes are the perfect pair to a meal of sprouted coconut. Here in Miami, our tomato season is opposite of the summer. These rare varieties are grown on a certified USDA organic farm.We will be taking a small passionfruit break soon for a few weeks. There might be one or two last harvests before we harvest again in late spring.Sprouted Coconut Stickers are now available at miamifruit.org! Drawn by yours truly, me, Edelle! I took a photo of an actual sprouted coconut and hand drew it with markers! Then I uploaded it to adobe illustrator and digitalized it. Now it is a physical sticker that you can stick on your phone, laptop, car, refridgerator, dog, or anywhere you want! Add it to any fruit box purchase for only $1.29!