| Edelle Schlegel

Mid-October 🎃 Harvest Update 🌳

Happy October 🍁 The leaves may be falling where you live, but here in Miami, the fruit is about the only thing that falls.

The Dragonfruit Mix Box has become popular recently. Now is a great time to order since this box won't be available year round (once red dragonfruit is out of season). The red dragonfruit is perfectly sweet and ready to harvest right now.

Our sweet juicy rambutan is peak season right now. They also make the perfect raw vegan appetizers for any healthy halloween themed party.

We just had our last major Tropical Persimmon harvest on Monday. There are still a few dozen fruits on the trees which means its not too late too order, but availability is now very limited. 

Gamboge is in season right now. This rare garcinia tastes similar to a lemon flavored mango. The flesh around the seed is the "sweetest" and the fruit gets more sour the closer it is to the skin. The inside of the fruit resembles a yellow mangosteen, which makes sense because gamboge and mangosteen are both in the same family.

Our bananas seem to be popping off a little more than usual right now. This time of year is great for ordering a banana variety box if you want to try a lot of varieties. Some of our favorites are: pisang raja, nam wah, and praying hands.

Avocados are in season! There are many varieties of avocado growing in South Florida that are ready to pick at different times throughout the year. If you order an Avocado Box, you may get all of one variety or multiple varieties inside your box. Each week the harvests are different.

Key Limes are a great way to add flavor to any savory recipe. They also taste amazing on sweet fruit like papaya and watermelon. You can squeeze some into a liter of water to make hydration fun and flavorful.

Passionfruit also pairs amazingly with sweet fruits such as bananas and yellow dragonfruit.

Have you tried sprouted coconut yet?  This brain-like fruit has one of the most unique textures found in nature and when it’s freeze dried, it becomes crunchy and crispy like a potato chip! There really is a fruit replacement for every junk food craving out there, sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

The Sweet Treat Box comes with a variety of all the tropical fruits we currently have in season! + a BONUS Sample Freeze Dried Sprouted Coconut Pack - for the same price as a variety box!
The Sweet Treat Box will always have multiple varieties of exotic bananas, as well as our other seasonal fruits.   

What's in Season
Sweet Treat Box 
Sprouted Coconut

Variety box 
Key Limes
Premium Variety Box
White Dragonfruit
Water Coconuts
Banana Variety
June Plum
Pink Guava

Yellow Dragonfruit 
Red Dragonfruit 
Tropical Persimmons LIMITED
Sugar Apple LIMITED
Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle

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