| Edelle Schlegel

🌸MAY HARVEST UPDATE | Custard Apple Abundance 💕

We harvested probably the last Molix sapodilla of the season last Monday. We should have some Makok sapodilla coming in only a few weeks.

There will have more star apple next week and possibly until the end of May!

We harvested some beautiful Brazilian bananas (also known as apple bananas in Hawaii) this week.

Custard Apple season is peaking. Not many left on the trees. Now is the time to order this amazing rare fruit.
The big jacks are coming in. The locals are going crazy for jackfruit in Miami right now. We are still catching up on pre-orders, but the list is getting short!

Its almost time to stop shipping papayas. Too many bugs get inside them when the weather is warm.
Mountain soursop is starting to pop up.. have you read about the health benefits? Edelle wrote an in depth blog post about the health benefits of regular Soursop and Mountain Soursop.
Now is the time to pre-order lychee! The trees are not going to be abundant this year because there were very few blooms. Lychees need at least week of temperatures below 60 degrees. We still have some lychee, but they will gone fast, place your order now to get lychees next week.

On the bright side, avocados are super abundant, they should be maturing in only a few weeks.
Join the mamey abundance party when you use the discount code MAYOFMAMEY at the checkout for 10% off mamey all month long! 

Mamey Sapote Smoothie Bowl
1 frozen Mamey
5 frozen bananas
2 cups non-dairy milk
5 cups water
Sliver of ginger
Top with freeze dried Mamey!

*This makes an entire blender full of smoothie which you can share with all your friends and family if you choose ;)