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🔥Harvest Update 🌈 + Recipes + More! 💞

Mamey sapote is amazing. Definitely becoming a staple for us. This fruit is super high quality and high in nutrients and fiber.

Speaking of nutrients, have you tried our soursop? This fruit is so juicy and amazing, definitley a great fruit to eat during the day in the sun.

Mango the dog can't resist our delicious sprouted coconuts.

Guava goes great in smoothies. Throw one of these in with some frozen bananas and pineapple, and voilà you have a super sweet tropical drink.

Rambutan are back this week! Our variety box customers got to try this sweet juicy fruit.

Try this savory fruitarian meal for dinner: mamey, avocado, heirloom tomato, and cayenne pepper.

Smoothie time! Today it’s Smoothie on the go and made some for my friends Pomegrante cherry swirl with blackberries and strawberries & coco macadamia, some chia peanut scoop, topped with bananas ,fresh Guava & Dragonfruit got these tropical fruits shipped in this week, I never tasted Dragonfruits so sweet from Miami Fruit.
Cheers to all that is gives Light & Love I love pure flavors rather than mixing everything up in the blender instead I stack & layer ..more flavor & more color ,the intense sweetness and pureness from MiamiFruit got me so invigorated truly amazing

Overview of What's in season this week:
Mamey Sapote
Pink Guava
Nam Wah Bananas
Pisang Raja Bananas
Purple Sweet Potato
Yellow Dragonfruit 
June Plum

Frozen Monthong Durian
Fresh Durian (limited) COMING SOON PRE ORDER NOW

sapodilla (limited)
Mushrooms (limited)
Cacao (limited)
sprouted coconut 
White Dragonfruit (limited)
Cherimoya (limited)
Avocado (limited)

Jaboticaba (very limited)
Eggfruit (very limited)
Custard Apple (very limited)