Frozen Monthong Durian *Pre-Order*

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The King of fruits. This particular Frozen Durian is consistently the best quality and sweetest tasting of any frozen durian we have ever tasted. We have searched for good quality frozen durian for years, and we have finally found a Thai farm that is shipping us RIPE and SWEET Durian! Creamy, deliciousy, dreamy Golden Pillow Monthong.

Each box comes with at least one Frozen Durian. We ship these using insulated containers and cold packs. We fill any spaces available with other tropical fruits. 

Because durian fruits vary in size, we usually can only fit one fruit into each cooler. If you are ordering from a location that is very close to Miami Florida, we can sometimes fit two durian fruits into the cooler because less cold packs are required.

Please allow the fruit to thaw on the counter before attempting to eat it - Durian tastes much better when it has thawed out!

Treat yourself, you deserve it <3