| Edelle Schlegel

😈 Limited Edition Sweet Treat Box 👻 Now Available! 🍌

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Sweet Treat Box. This variety box includes an assortment of all of the fruits we have available/in season for the month of October + 1 sample freeze dried sprouted coconut pack to get you through any halloween candy temptation situations.

This box is available in one size - LARGE (2 options overnight and not overnight) The Sweet Treat Box is the sameprice as the large variety box starting at $97which means the freeze dried sprouted coconut sample is a free promotional bonus. Hurry, because this box is available for a limited time only! 

The limited edition Sweet Treat Box expires on November 1st.


We hope you are having a hauntingly sweet month of halloween treats. Rambutan is an easy sweet snack.

Red dragonfruit is an awesome antioxidant rich blood substitute for vegan vampires.

If your digestion is haunting you, we recommend eating our Caribbean papaya.

Yellow dragonfruit is so sweet it's scary.

These soursop halves look like little ghosts floating around the soursop.

If you're phone's dead, try using cacao instead. It may not get good reception, but it sure will be the best chocolate selection.

How many faces can you find inside this guava? When you taste the sweet flesh, it will make you forget about your trauma.

Whip up the most delicious potion in your cauldron "blender" with our silky and soft nam wah bananas.

Stop drowning in tahini and start adding some amazing avocado to your salads.

Brains!! Or is it sprouted coconut? Either way it is sure to satisfy any hungry vegan zombie.