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Jack is Back 💛 + Late Harvest Update 🌈

Rane and his friend Thad from high school spotted chilling with some mamey at the beach. We collaborated with him and his friend David on a music video which we hope to share with you soon! Plenty of mamey sapote still in season. 

Bring bananas to the beach! Fruit usually comes in it's own container-the peel! Try out all of our amazing varieties.

This week we got a small shipment of soursop from Grenada. We still have some more pre orders to fulfill, but we are expecting to get more this Monday. You can always pre order any time to reserve your spot on the waiting list.

Sweet yellow dragonfruit is such a treat at the beach. It will hydrate you and make you feel energized.

Rambutan is amazing, and it ships so well that we don't have to put any protective nets on them. This is how we ship our large rambutan box orders.

Mammee Apple is still in season. We harvest this fruit in limited quantities so make sure to get your pre order in soon!
Fresh durian is still available! We have another drop down option on our Fresh Durian to order a full cooler of 4-6 durians for $495 total INCLUDING SHIPPING! We know fresh durian is expensive but we are importing them from across the world! This is a heavy discount if you compare it to ordering just one fresh durian.

Here is a screenshot from one of our customers. We just shipped out our first jackfruit harvest last Monday and are expecting to be harvesting more for a while.

Here's another screenshot from a customer. Passionfruit is slowly coming back in season as well!

The next fruit that comes into season will be lychee! Here is a pic of the lychee trees from last Monday. They were not quite ready, but we’re checking them again tomorrow. You can pre order now to reserve your spot in line. We harvest local high quality tropical fruits every Monday and ship everything we have available/in season every Tuesday.

Overview of What's in season this week:
Mammee Apple
Fresh Durian 
Mamey Sapote
Pink Guava
Nam Wah Bananas
Pisang Raja Bananas
Yellow Dragonfruit 
White Dragonfruit 
June Plum
sprouted coconut 

Frozen Musang King Durian


Purple Sweet Potato (limited)
Turmeric (limited)
Custard Apple (very limited)