| Edelle Schlegel

­čî×Harvest Update! + What's in Season Mid-March ­čîł­čî×

Sapodilla season is still going strong! We are thankful not only to be able to ship these to you for so long, but also we get to enjoy them too! Luscious Mamey! Looked so good I couldn't even cut it all the way before pulling it open. I've been having lots of mamey smoothies lately.

I am so grateful for good digestion thanks to these Caribbean papayas. I try to have one for breakfast every day.

Star apple! We are noticing a lot of soft ones on the trees. Maybe a couple more weeks left for this amazing fruit.

This is the green/white variety of star apple! You can specify which variety you would like in the notes section of the checkout, otherwise we will just send you mostly purple and a little green.

Gamboge is starting to take off on one of the trees. This was a big harvest for us, because this fruit likes to take its time to develop.
Praying hands. These bananas are like marshmallow clouds when properly ripe.

Who likes coffee fruit? A few trees are producing right now. 

We are seeing a few mountain soursops popping up. You can read all about their health benefits here.

Jackfruit is coming! This variety is expecially delicious and has a nice crunchy texture.

We always have sprouted coconuts! One of our amazing customers sent us a lovely email saying that our fresh and freeze dried coconuts are the only fats that digest well for him. We are so happy for he found us!

Here is a picture of Jessica selling fruit at our local farmer's market in Tropical Park!

Jake Mace the Vegan Athlete made an amazing review video on our freeze dried fruits! You can check it out here.

 We added another delicious freeze dried product to our growing selection! Try canistel crumbles! They make the perfect savory sweet crunchy raw salad topping.