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🌈Harvest Update + Raw Vegan Fudge Brownie Recipe 🍫✨

Jaboticaba made a comeback for the first time this year! We spent hours this Monday harvesting all the ripe ones we could find on the trees. We have not been able to completely fulfill all of our patient pre-orders. Luckily there are still many more jaboticaba that are almost ready to be picked. If you would like to reserve your spot in line on our long waiting list, make sure to pre order as soon as possible.
Wow! We love cacao!! Seriously this fruit is so versatile. You can add it to your smoothies, baked goods, tonics, and even eat it on its own! Check out the amazing recipe at the bottom of this page for more inspiration.
Did you know yellow dragonfruit makes a good sweetener? Add it to your smoothies for a touch of sweetness! It is also just amazing to eat on its own.

White dragonfruit made a comeback this week! We know the flavor is muted compared to the yellow dragonfruit, but this fruit makes a great addition to smoothies when you are in need of extra fiber and hydration.

Everyone is OBSESSED with sprouted coconut! Including our dogs that come running every time they hear us opening one. They are absolutely in love with this fruit, and eagerly wait for us to drop a peace of the sprout ball. They also really love licking the oil from inside the shell. We are so blessed to have this fruit in abundance.

We have sugarcane available! You can cut it up into small strips to chew on throughout the day to give you bursts of clean energy, or even run the strips through a high quality juicer to take your juicing game to the next level.

Most people are able to find frozen durian if they live in a large enough city, but if you live somewhere where you cannot find it, we do ship frozen durian in special coolers to make sure it arrives safely.
Canistel is almost out of season, but we do have some left ripening on a a tree. 

• 1 whole cacao pod
•1 yellow dragonfruit
•2 Gros Michel Bananas
•20 small dates
•1/2 cup walnuts
Blend until Smooth. Consistency should be thick and somewhat hard to blend, use tamper if necessary. 
Grab a small shallow container, I used a Tupperware and line with plastic wrap. Scoop/Poor contents of the blender into container. Top with cacao nibs, walnuts, cacao beans, or any topping you have. Freeze overnight. Pull out of freezer and place onto turmeric stained cutting board for rustic pictures. 📸ENJOY QUICKLY because it will melt in the heat 
Tag us on your #Miamifruit recipe pictures and we will add them to our “Recipe Idea” story!

Freeze Dried Yellow Dragonfruit now available!! 

You can taste the sweet, floral flavor of this fruit, and you get the bonus crunchy texture!

Freeze Dried Yellow Dragonfruit weighs approximately 25 grams.

Overview of What's in season this week:

Jaboticaba (limited)
Eggfruit (limited)
Gamboge (limited)
Yellow Dragonfruit (limited)
White Dragonfruit (limited)
Passionfruit (limited)
Soursop (limited)
sapodilla (limited)
sprouted coconut