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Harvest Update 🌱 Fruity Thanksgiving 🍌


A bowl of rambutan is a sweet thing to monomeal in the morning!

The hype is real, this yellow dragonfruit is much sweeter than any other variety that we've tasted. It's a much try for cactus fruit lovers.

So much sweet soursop abundance! We are planning on getting another big shipment of soursop from Grenada. Don't miss out on this incredible cancer fighting fruit!

Bananas are back in abundance here. You can expect the variety boxes to be filled up with them unless you leave a note saying otherwise.

Check out this triple sprouted coconut! It must be our lucky day, because we have never seen this before! 

Canistel aka eggfruit is trickling back into season. This was the harvest from this Monday. We were able to include at least one in every variety box. We are expecting to harvest a limited amount next week. Make sure to get your pre-order in ASAP!

We will be getting our next fresh durian shipment in two to three weeks, but you can always order frozen durian any time.
Thanksgiving plate goals. ;) This Tuesday is the last day we ship before thanksgiving. We won't be shipping on the 21st so make sure to place your orders asap! Order a variety box, soursop box, nam wah banana box, banana variety box, yellow dragonfruit box, or rambutan box and get it by next Friday.