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🍌 Bananas are Back!! + What's in Season 🌈

This week we were able to ship out some of our favorite banana varieties including: namwah, psang raja, mysore, and gros michel! We are expecting more bananas next week.

We have amazingly large and small sized soursop form Grenada this week, if you don't already know about the amazing health benefits of this fruit, you can read more about them here.

Sweet, juicy rambutan was in the variety boxes this week. We are hoping to have more available next week.

This vibrant red dragonfruit is still in season, but not for long! This deep purplish-pink color means its full of amazing anti-oxidants. This fruit is also good for digestion.

We have been loving these huge white dragonfruits that we've been harvesting lately. This fruit is less sweet, but the nice thing about white dragonfruit is that it doesn't stain. :p

The king (or queen) of dragonfruits is this amazing yellow dragonfruit variety which is so much sweeter than any other variety that we've tried! We weren't able to get any yellow dragonfruit this week, but we are expecting more next week.

June plums are back! We included some of these fruits in small corners of the variety boxes.

Sugar cane is available! If you like to snack on sweets, try cutting up a stalk of sugarcane and chewing on it! The juice is super sweet and refreshing.

Freeze dried monstera deliciosa is now available! Once we sell out, we won't be able to make more until next year! This fruit is so sweet, but it also has a bit of a bite which gives it a poprocks candy vibe.