| Edelle Schlegel

Harvest Day! + More Rare Fruits

It was an extra special Monday today for Miami Fruit. We harvested the very first Rollinia from the tree in our backyard! This tropical fruit is very hard to grow in Miami and currently only a handful of trees are producing it here! 

Here is John and Rane with an amazing farmer that grows some of the rarest bananas in the world.

Here is a pic of a special variety known as Cardaba, but I think it should be called CARBaba because this banana is so rich and satisfying. ;)

Florida is well known for its amazing avocados. South Florida alone grows over 50 different varieties. This variety is creamy and high water content, which means it is lower fat than most has avocados you find at the store.
Egg fruit is beginning to pop up all over South Florida right now, some varieties are taking longer to ripen than we originally thought, so we were only able to harvest enough for one box this week, but we should have more available very soon.

Gac Fruit! This was a rare find at one the fruit farms in South Florida. A few farmers grow this fruit, but not at a high enough rate to list on the website right now. This fruit is very rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. You can just tell it's good for you by the super vibrant color! If you are interested in this fruit, let us know and we will keep an eye out for you.
Along with all of these amazing fruits, we also harvested more passionfruit, tropical persimmon, sprouted coconut, and ackee fruit this week!