| Edelle Schlegel

What's in Season + Freeze Dried Dragonfruit Now Available! ūüźČ

It's time to get Fruity!


It is a transition of seasons here in Miami, which means a lot of new exiting fruits are coming in! 

Mango, lychee, longan, pineapple, blue grape, and jackfruit are no longer in season.

Persimmon and dragon fruit are going out of season, but we do have a small quantity left on the trees/vines. There is a limited amount available, so order now!

Bananas are always in season in the tropics, but the trees ripen at different times. We harvest different varieties every week! Make sure to pre-order your favorite variety here. If you are not sure what variety you like best, you can always order a banana variety box to try a little bit of everything that we have that week. 

Currently, papaya, passionfruit, avocado, rambutan, and canistel are in full season.

Black sapote, noni, and magana mamey sapote should be coming very soon! You can pre-order black sapote now to get your name on the list for our first harvest.

You can look out for star apple, jaboticaba, and sapodilla in a few months! 

Young Miami coconuts on the tree!

They fall to the ground when they are mature and begin to sprout after 6 months! This is where your sprouted coconut comes from.

These passionfruit are beautiful!

The flavor is sweet and citrusy. Passionfruit are best eaten with other sweet fruits such as mango, banana, or papaya.

We are constantly adding new and exiting freeze dried fruits to the website. The freeze dried dragonfruit is a must-have!
Shannon and John at the market in front of the new Miami Fruit banner.