| Edelle Schlegel

What's in Season for December ūüćĆ

Harvest Update 11/30/16

Black Sapote is BACK! and Eggfruit is coming in!! + 2 NEW Annonas and Freeze Dried Eggfruit! Persimmons are DONE.

This week we harvested Magana variety Mamey Sapote for the first time this season! This fruit can get massive, and is known for its rich texture.

The earliest variety of black sapote was harvested this Monday! We are still fulfilling pre-orders at this time. This is a very popular pre-order fruit, so if you would like to receive it soon we recommend ordering now.

Eggfruit is also starting to trickle in! We are discovering lots of varieties and we have been enjoying the rich, sweet flavor of this cake-like fruit.

Sugar apple has been more abundant than usual, which is why we have decided to list it on the website for pre-order! You may also find one of these annonas in your box if you ordered a variety box last week or the week before.

Atemoya is a rare fruit here in South Florida. We were only able to harvest a dozen last Monday and there's not much left. It is a hybrid mix of cherimoya and sugar apple. If you ordered a variety box, you may find one in your box as well.

Persimmons are completely gone from the eight trees that we pick from. We were only able to harvest a few pounds this week. You can always pre-order them for next season if you want to be first in line for the next harvest.

Freeze Dried Eggfruit is now available! Light and crunchy, yet rich in flavor. This makes the perfect on the go snack or meal. We have sample packs for $4 and larger packs for $10.

Our good friend Chris Kendall from TheRawAdvantage.com made an amazing video test-tasting our freeze dried fruits in New York City! We laughed out loud watching this video, it was hilarious. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZf-cnjvXmE

Here's a picture of some Miami Fruit team members selling fruit at a Tech-talk in Wynwood Miami! We had a great time talking to people and selling fruits along with coconut water and mamey/banana smoothies.

Speaking of smoothies, I made this delicious smoothie bowl out of frozen black sapote, almond milk, water, cacao powder, dates, and a drop of peppermint oil. It was delicious! You can find more black sapote recipe ideas here.

Fruits/roots we harvested this week:
mamey sapote, one jackfruit, gac fruit, eggfruit, coconuts, black sapote, goldfinger bananas, mysore bananas, nam wah banananas, kandrian bananas, thousand finger bananas, rambutan, longan, turmeric, passion fruit, avocado, red dragonfruit, sugar apple, atemoya, and the last of the persimmons!

Fruits that will most likely be available in December:
black sapote, mamey sapote, egg fruit, passionfruit, bananas, avocado, and some gac fruit.

We are always on the hunt for new fruits so the list above is subject to change!

Make sure to check out our Ripening Guide to find out when to properly eat your fruit at peak ripeness. If there is a fruit that is not on the ripening guide, please feel free to email us about it. Also, if you need help identifying your fruits in a variety box, line up the fruits from left to right and email us picture for us to identify for you.

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