| Edelle Schlegel

ūüźĚEarly April Harvest UpdateūüĆą

Cheers to a MIAMI FRUITY weekend! Get your order in by Monday if you want to enjoy some of this goodness next weekend.

Variety Box from MiamiFruit.org. This week we had Mamey, sapodilla, star apple, Mysore bananas, Nam Wah bananas, sweetheart bananas, goldfinger bananas, and turmeric!

Star apple is going out of season! This may be your last week to order. 

If you like to eat fruit for every meal, then we highly recommend trying our creamy, dense Mamey sapote for dinner. This fruit will keep you satisfied!

This Caribbean papaya is heavenly! We've been having a lot of really good ones lately. Papaya grows year round, but as the weather gets warmer, the bugs begin to multiply. Since all of the papayas we harvest are grown without pesticides, we sometimes cannot ship in the summer when the bugs get bad. If you want to try this amazing Caribbean papaya, we recommend ordering now because it's already starting to heat up here in Miami!

Jackfruit season is coming! We harvest one or two a week right now. Once summer comes, jackfruit season will be in full swing.

We harvested a few pounds of this beautiful Hawaiian purple sweet potato last week.

Less than a month left of sapodilla season. It's still so sweet and juicy. We will sure miss it when it's gone. You can stock up sapodilla chips in the meantime


Smoothie Time is my Happy Hour ;)

Star Apple - starting at $70

Variety Box - $77

Sapodilla - starting at $50