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ūüćĆBanana Bonanza + Harvest Update ūüĒ•


We sent out many of our favorite bananas this week including: Mysore, Orinoco, Nam wah, Psang Raja, Cuban red, praying hands, sweetheart, and goldfinger.

This Pitogo banana that we harvested last week finally ripened to perfection! I put some pitogo in a blender with frozen blueberries, vanilla almond milk, and water. It was amazing! These are amazing on their own too.

Wax jambu/rose apple very rare and limited availability at the moment, but you can preorder it here!

The mamey sapote we have been harvesting lately has been super creamy and filling. This fruit could make a whole meal or two!

Gamboge is still abundant right now. You can order a pound just try it out. If you like sour mixed with sweet, we have a feeling you might end up loving it.

Blue grape, a member of the jaboticaba family, is on sale right now. You can get 20% off a box any size when you use the code: BG20. Only 3 discount codes available so order now.

Speaking of jaboticaba, this is the most far developed tree we have seen from our last harvest day on Monday. Other trees just have flowers on them. Please be patient because these fruits need time to grow. Thank you to everyone that ordered you are awesome! you can pre order jaboticaba at MiamiFruit.org. We recommend doing so as soon as possible because the line is very long already!
Purple or green, we still haven't figured out which we like better. What's your favorite variety of star apple? If you want to try both, just add a note in the checkout when you order star apple!

Jackfruits are trickling in! When you order a Jackfruit mix box, you receive any other fruits we can fit inside the box with it. You can leave a note at the checkout requesting which fruits you prefer and we will do our best to fulfill your request depending on availability of those fruits. 

Sprouted coconut is always available! Coconut trees continually dropping coconuts here in Miami. It takes a few months after they fall from the tree to sprout, but once they sprout, they can last for a very long time!
Turmeric from our harvest last monday! These make a great boost to soups and smoothies.

Our purple sweet potatoes are also coming in! You can order a sample box right now for only $40!

Don't forget to add a pack of your favorite freeze dried fruit with your order! These are great fuel for when you are on the go or don't want to wait for fruit to ripen.

The beautiful image above is from Kari Eats Plants on youtube! She ordered MiamiFruit bananas for her trip to banana island.

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Banana Variety Box
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Variety Box

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Star Apple
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