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Freeze Dried Ackee


Ackee (also known as akee) is a cheesy, nutty flavored fruit that tastes even better freeze dried! When it is freeze dried it has a very similar flavor and texture to cheesy flavored popcorn!

Freeze dried ackee makes a delicious snack when you are craving something savory and salty, but it also makes an amazing salad or pizza topping.

Ackee fruit contains a toxin known as hypoglycin A. We make sure all of our ackee is safe to consume by properly harvesting them when fully ripe which means we only pick them off the tree once the pod has opened, by then the hypoglycin A has dropped to a negligible level in the fruit. The seeds and unedible fleshy tendrils that connect the seed to the fruit are carefully removed before we begin the freeze dry process.

We wish we could somehow safely ship the fresh fruit as well, but we are happy to safely make this fruit available to fruit lovers that may never have a chance to try ackee otherwise. 

A huge benefit to having freeze dried fruit is not only the amazing crunchy light texture, but also the fact that it will last for many years which means you can enjoy your favorite Miami Fruits year round!

Freeze Dried Ackee weighs approximately 10 grams.

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