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ūüėćAre you a longan lover? + Harvest Update/What's in SeasonūüĆĪ

These butterscotch flavored longans are little balls of flavor explosions! 

Red Dragonfruit season is almost over here in Miami. This dragonfruit picture was taken by Mike Hedge at the Woodstock Fruit Festival! Want to eat endless amounts of dragonfruit with us next year? Join us at The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2018 and save $100 on admission when you use the code: MIAMIFRUIT. Hope to see you there! 

Sweet, juicy, irresistible Tropical Persimmons are going out of season soon. Get 10% off a box of tropical persimmons when you use the discount code: SWEETNESS at the checkout.

Do you wish to monomeal this amazing fruit? Eating yellow dragonfruit is a truly an incredible experience. It the sweetest dragonfruit variety that we've ever eaten.

Juneplums are now ready to harvest.

We are expecting to get another shipment of soursop from Grenada next week. Get your pre-orders in as soon as possible.

There are still some blue grape on the tree. We sent a small bundle of this interesting jaboticaba relative in each variety box this week. Remember to eat the inside flesh around the seed, not the outer skin!
Delicious, buttery sprouted coconut makes a great evening meal. The savory flavor of the fruit can satisfy salty cravings.

Rane opening up a pod of frozen durian at the Southwest Community Farmer's market. We ship frozen durian in coolers if you're interested, click here.
If you're in the area, come to the market and get fruit! 

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