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ūüźČYou are Now Entering¬†Yellow Dragonfruit Landūüíõ

Pure sweetness... if you haven't tried yellow dragonfruit yet, you're missing out! (price has been reduced) One of these was added to each variety box this week

These local longans are from a very small amount of trees that survived hurricane Irma and of course they taste AMAZING! There's still more developing on the trees. Get your order in asap to reserve your spot.

Sweet and juicy Tropical Persimmon ripe and ready to eat.
Red Dragonfruit season is almost over here in Miami. Get a box of pitayaha delivered to your door this week.

Banana Update: Thank you to all of those who are patiently awaiting their banana variety orders, we will be shipping the first banana boxes to you in two weeks.

Sugar Apple Update: These will be shipping in two weeks as well. You can still preorder now to get a box. 

Soursop Update: They will be shipping out not this week, but next week, so order now!