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    🐝Early April Harvest Update🌈

    🐝Early April Harvest Update🌈

    Cheers to a MIAMI FRUITY weekend! Get your order in by Monday if you want to enjoy some of this goodness next weekend.

    Variety Box from This week we had Mamey, sapodilla, star apple, Mysore bananas, Nam Wah bananas, sweetheart bananas, goldfinger bananas, and turmeric!

    Star apple is going out of season! This may be your last week to order. 

    If you like to eat fruit for every meal, then we highly recommend trying our creamy, dense Mamey sapote for dinner. This fruit will keep you satisfied!

    This Caribbean papaya is heavenly! We've been having a lot of really good ones lately. Papaya grows year round, but as the weather gets warmer, the bugs begin to multiply. Since all of the papayas we harvest are grown without pesticides, we sometimes cannot ship in the summer when the bugs get bad. If you want to try this amazing Caribbean papaya, we recommend ordering now because it's already starting to heat up here in Miami!

    Jackfruit season is coming! We harvest one or two a week right now. Once summer comes, jackfruit season will be in full swing.

    We harvested a few pounds of this beautiful Hawaiian purple sweet potato last week.

    Less than a month left of sapodilla season. It's still so sweet and juicy. We will sure miss it when it's gone. You can stock up sapodilla chips in the meantime


    Smoothie Time is my Happy Hour ;)

    Star Apple - starting at $70

    Variety Box - $77

    Sapodilla - starting at $50

    🍌Banana Bonanza + Harvest Update 🔥

    🍌Banana Bonanza + Harvest Update 🔥


    We sent out many of our favorite bananas this week including: Mysore, Orinoco, Nam wah, Psang Raja, Cuban red, praying hands, sweetheart, and goldfinger.

    This Pitogo banana that we harvested last week finally ripened to perfection! I put some pitogo in a blender with frozen blueberries, vanilla almond milk, and water. It was amazing! These are amazing on their own too.

    Wax jambu/rose apple very rare and limited availability at the moment, but you can preorder it here!

    The mamey sapote we have been harvesting lately has been super creamy and filling. This fruit could make a whole meal or two!

    Gamboge is still abundant right now. You can order a pound just try it out. If you like sour mixed with sweet, we have a feeling you might end up loving it.

    Blue grape, a member of the jaboticaba family, is on sale right now. You can get 20% off a box any size when you use the code: BG20. Only 3 discount codes available so order now.

    Speaking of jaboticaba, this is the most far developed tree we have seen from our last harvest day on Monday. Other trees just have flowers on them. Please be patient because these fruits need time to grow. Thank you to everyone that ordered you are awesome! you can pre order jaboticaba at We recommend doing so as soon as possible because the line is very long already!
    Purple or green, we still haven't figured out which we like better. What's your favorite variety of star apple? If you want to try both, just add a note in the checkout when you order star apple!

    Jackfruits are trickling in! When you order a Jackfruit mix box, you receive any other fruits we can fit inside the box with it. You can leave a note at the checkout requesting which fruits you prefer and we will do our best to fulfill your request depending on availability of those fruits. 

    Sprouted coconut is always available! Coconut trees continually dropping coconuts here in Miami. It takes a few months after they fall from the tree to sprout, but once they sprout, they can last for a very long time!
    Turmeric from our harvest last monday! These make a great boost to soups and smoothies.

    Our purple sweet potatoes are also coming in! You can order a sample box right now for only $40!

    Don't forget to add a pack of your favorite freeze dried fruit with your order! These are great fuel for when you are on the go or don't want to wait for fruit to ripen.

    The beautiful image above is from Kari Eats Plants on youtube! She ordered MiamiFruit bananas for her trip to banana island.

    sprouted cocovariety box review

    banana variety 

    Banana Variety Box
    starting at $40

    variety box

    Variety Box

    star apple

    Star Apple
    starting at $70

    🎉Jackfruit Party Time! + End of March Harvest Update!✨

    🎉Jackfruit Party Time! + End of March Harvest Update!✨

    This early variety is starting to ripen.. we fulfilled one pre order this week! Who's ready for JACKFRUIT SEASON!?!

    Mamey Sapote! The fruitarian soul food. Goes great in smoothies too!

    Sweet sapodilla is still going strong, we expect to have them for another month.

    We've been harvesting a lot of gamboge compared to normal. Now is a great time to order if you would like to try it.

    Gamboge also goes great with papaya! Order a box of both and eat them together by the end of next week.

    We picked a few more pounds of blue grape last week. This jaboticaba relative has a harder shell than jaboticaba. This fruit is enjoyed mainly by unique fruit lovers.

    Banana Harvest of the week. (not including some pitogo John found later) Surprisingly this was not enough to fulfill all the banana orders we got last week.

    Luckily for some of you, Rane noticed this rack of nam wah bananas had ripened while we were halfway done packing boxes. Some of you all got to enjoy these freshly picked from our backyard the day they were shipped.

    There's still some star apple ripening on the trees, but we definitely harvested less this week than usual. Now is a good time to order.

    One of our loyal local customers comes by every Tuesday to buy leftover fruits that are too ripe to ship. :)

    We sold fruits at the World Happiness Summit last weekend! The coconuts and mamey smoothies were a hit. Rane also made an amazing coconut water cold brew coffee for the Sunday event. A vegan italian restaurant called Full Bloom gave us a BBQ jackfruit sandwhich and it was delicious, we highly recommend!

    Our wonderful helpers Sal and Jessica sold fruit at the SouthWest Community Farmer's market at Tropical Park on Saturday. If you are a Miami local, you should definitely check out this market for all kinds of amazing local produce and homemade food. 


    Miami Fruit Chocolate Banana Bread
    • 3 cups whole wheat flour
    • 1 cup oats
    • 1/2 cup coconut sugar
    • 1 tsp baking powder
    • 1 tbsp baking soda
    • 1/2 cup freeze dried black sapote
    • 1/2 cup mamey
    • 3 cups mashed bananas
    • 1 cup crushed walnuts
    • 1 cup chopped dates
    • 1 tsp cacao powder
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • 1/2 cup almond milk
    • 8 cups of love 
    • top with walnuts
    mix together and throw in a bread maker or oven ;)

    🌞Harvest Update! + What's in Season Mid-March 🌈🌞

    🌞Harvest Update! + What's in Season Mid-March 🌈🌞

    Sapodilla season is still going strong! We are thankful not only to be able to ship these to you for so long, but also we get to enjoy them too! Luscious Mamey! Looked so good I couldn't even cut it all the way before pulling it open. I've been having lots of mamey smoothies lately.

    I am so grateful for good digestion thanks to these Caribbean papayas. I try to have one for breakfast every day.

    Star apple! We are noticing a lot of soft ones on the trees. Maybe a couple more weeks left for this amazing fruit.

    This is the green/white variety of star apple! You can specify which variety you would like in the notes section of the checkout, otherwise we will just send you mostly purple and a little green.

    Gamboge is starting to take off on one of the trees. This was a big harvest for us, because this fruit likes to take its time to develop.
    Praying hands. These bananas are like marshmallow clouds when properly ripe.

    Who likes coffee fruit? A few trees are producing right now. 

    We are seeing a few mountain soursops popping up. You can read all about their health benefits here.

    Jackfruit is coming! This variety is expecially delicious and has a nice crunchy texture.

    We always have sprouted coconuts! One of our amazing customers sent us a lovely email saying that our fresh and freeze dried coconuts are the only fats that digest well for him. We are so happy for he found us!

    Here is a picture of Jessica selling fruit at our local farmer's market in Tropical Park!

    Jake Mace the Vegan Athlete made an amazing review video on our freeze dried fruits! You can check it out here.

     We added another delicious freeze dried product to our growing selection! Try canistel crumbles! They make the perfect savory sweet crunchy raw salad topping.

    🌈Mid-March Harvest Update + News 💞

    🌈Mid-March Harvest Update + News 💞

    We have a lot of news for you! 

    These were all the bananas we were able to harvest this week besides a rack of dwarf cavendish not pictured. It was exceptionally cold last week so we had less bananas than normal. This means that some of our variety box customers got to enjoy more sapodilla and star apple in their boxes! ;)

    Monday and Tuesday were extremely busy for us. We spent over three hours harvesting star apple and got a large order for 19 boxes an hour before the Fed Ex truck came to pick up the packages! Luckily we got all the star apple shipped.
    Star apple must be picked soft. It is important to enjoy it quickly when you receive it or put it in the fridge because it will be ready to eat.

    The papaya we have right now is so good, its on fire! Caribbean papaya grows year round in South Florida, but we cannot always ship it in the summertime because too many pests make it their home. This is why you should order it now while the weather is still cool-ish.

    We harvested more turmeric! Just the smallest nub goes a long way! Add it to your smoothies or rice for a boost of curcumin! We planted it with love.

    Mamey sapote season is still going strong here! This fruit makes a meal or two in itself. So rich, creamy, and fulfilling. It also makes a great addition to smoothies, pudding, bread, cakes, and pies.

    Sapodilla has been so good lately! It is so nice to sit down in the sun to an amazing meal of this satisfyingly sweet fruit.

    The blue grape (Merciaria vexator) tree is producing a handful of fruit right now. Get your preorder in to secure your spot on the list! First come first serve.

    Fruit loving people came all the way from Wisconsin to buy fruit from us! 😻Such a joy it is to see people exited about fruits they have never tried before 💞

    Our friend plantriotic made an awesome review video of our bananas and passionfruit. You can check it out here.

    Follow one of our happy and loyal customers on instagram for inspirational pictures of fruit!

    Chocolate Malt Mylkshake:
    6 fresh sapodilla
    3 frozen bananas
    3 cups non-dairy milk
    1 tbsp cacao powder
    dash of cinnamon