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    Fruit Ripening Guide

    Fruit Ripening Guide

    Many customers ask us when they should eat their fruit, so we have created a guide to refer to at any time. We recommend eating all fruits at their peak ripeness for optimum enjoyment. To view it in full, click here.


    If you need help with your order, just let us know! You can send us a video ( of you squishing it to see how soft it is, and describe the smell in detail.

    Miami Fruit Reviews

    Miami Fruit Reviews

    See what others are saying about Miami fruit.
    Don't forget to take a picture of your package and tag us on instagram @Miamifruit!

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    Black Sapote Recipe Ideas

    Black Sapote Recipe Ideas

    Black sapote is an interesting fruit because the texture and color screams "chocolate pudding!" However, the actual flavor of the fruit is very mild. People are often surprised that it doesn't actually taste how it looks. Luckily, there are ways to make it taste more chocolatey and sweet, simply by adding into a blender with chocolate powder and dates. Rane demonstrates in this video how to make actual chocolate pudding with your black sapote.

    Here's a video of black sapote being harvested and dried, and even added to some delicious cooked food recipes, like waffles!

    My personal favorite way to enjoy black sapote is by itself or mixed with some chocolate peanut butter powder and added to oatmeal,

    or toast!


    Purchase Black Sapote HERE

    Simple Raw Vegan Brownie Batter Smoothie Bowl 

    •frozen black sapote
    •water or plant milk
    •sweeten with dates
    •(optional) top with cacao nibs, walnuts, dried mulberries, or freeze dried black sapote

    You don’t have to sacrifice eating good to be healthy