| Edelle Schlegel

The perfect gift 💝 freeze dried tropical fruit medley 🍍🍌

The perfect gift for friends, family, and fruit lovers!

A fun game to play with the variety pack is guess what fruit I'm eating!

May contain: jackfruit, praying hands banana, kandrian banana, mysore banana, passionfruit, mamey sapote, dragonfruit, lychee, longan, black sapote, eggfruit, persimmon, pineapple, soursop, starfruit, papaya, and jaboticaba

Don't forget to check out Chris Kendall's freeze dried fruit review video and make sure to check out the delicous raw fruity pebble recipe on his website here.

If you would like to send a variety pack as a gift you can put your friend's shipping address, just make sure to put your address for the billing address. If you would like to order a variety pack for multiple people, we recommend ordering it all in one order and shipping it to your own address so you save on shipping. The shipping is only $7 when you order 1-4 variety packs.

gift card

You can also order a Miami Fruit Gift Card!

How it works: 

You choose which amount you would like to buy as a gift and we will email you a personalized gift code for one time use only. You can print out the email and gift it to a special person or just forward the email to them if you'd like to be eco-friendly.