| Edelle Schlegel

December Harvest Update 🍌🍌🍌

Get ready for some flavor explosions! 
What's in season in Miami + News. 

We harvested what could be the last of the dragonfruit for a while. Dragonfruit season is usually in the summer, but the plants are able to fruit a few times in the winter. These fruits are usually much more big and beautiful because they are less likely to be damaged by rain, since the rainy season is in the summer. 
 Here is our papaya harvest from last week! It is still a great time to order papaya if you are still thinking about getting a box. It's best eaten with some passionfruit.

We harvested some mysore bananas last week. The wintertime is usually a slower time for bananas, but we are usually able to harvest a few different racks every week.

These cute little fruits are called cucu-melon! They're like tiny cucumbers that grow on a vine. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing these, and we can make a pre-order option for you.

The passionfruit have been super abundant this year. We highly recommend enjoying them with sweeter fruits since they tend to be a bit more sour. They also make a great addition to smoothies and juices!

Magana mamey sapote are beginning to trickle in. We should have more available in the upcoming weeks.

We had a huge egg fruit harvest last week! A few different varieties were ready. If you ordered a variety box last week, you will get to enjoy this interesting fruit. 

Black sapote is really starting to come in now. We harvested quite a lot last week. A lot of people pre-ordered this fruit so we didn't have any to put in variety boxes, but we should be able to put some in the variety boxes  this Monday. 

Gamboge is now coming in! Also known as Garcinia tinctoria, or the flavor explosion fruit, this fruit packs a lot of flavor per bite. Sweet, yet tangy, this is a well-loved fruit by rare fruit enthusiasts. 

Our purple sweet potato are amazing! We planted the cuttings ourselves! We harvested quite a few last week, if you would like to pre-order some for our next harvest, now is a good time. 

Veg-Fest in Fort Lauderdale was a blast, if you live in Florida, we highly recommend checking it out. We are definitely planning to go again in 2017. Our fresh coconuts and durian plates sold out fast!

Also, our hand-planted turmeric is ready right now too, you can order here.

If you are thinking about giving someone a gift, check out our Miami Fruit gift cards! They are a great way to put a smile on any fruit-lover's face.