| Edelle Schlegel

Shipping Every Tuesday + What's in Season! ūüćĆ

Shipping has resumed!

All our orders have been fulfilled (besides some pre-orders) and packages have been shipped! Shipping is now back to its original schedule every Tuesday. We want to thank all of our customers for being so patient during the warm weather season. 

Currently, we are working on freeze-drying fruits enough fruits for our website. We are exited to send you an email when they are available to buy!

One of our favorite freeze-dried fruits is the ackee fruit. We harvest a lot of ackee here in South Florida, but are unable to ship the fresh fruits because of the potential risks. However, the freeze dried fruit will be available on its own and in variety packs on the website soon!

We have also added a bunch of banana box preorders to our website! They are perfect for people that have a specific favorite variety (namwah), want to try something different (saba), want a calorie dense variety (kandrian), want something super rare (variegated), or maybe they just want to try the worlds tiniest bananas (thousand finger)! 

We are exited to let you all know that our tropical persimmons are now in season for only $60 a box! Hurry and order now, because they will not be here for long. This rare variety looks like the crunchy fuyu, but it must be eaten as soft as possible like the hachiya.

Black sapote season is approaching in about a month. We are expecting our first harvest in November! It is known as the chocolate pudding fruit, and is very popular among our customers. If you would like to receive a box as soon as possible, we highly recommend you pre-order now, and you will be added to our list.

We have also been hard at work planting more banana trees and sweet potatoes. The turmeric should be coming in very soon as well. Our next project is to plant some maca seeds, and find the gooseberry seeds that I may have lost!

Our very first rollinea is coming in! We are super exited to cultivate this plant as much as possible, but it is a very young tree, and this is the first fruit it has produced. We hope to be able to sell rollinea on the website in a few years if all goes well, but it is a very fragile fruit. 

Fall has just begun, which means many of our fruits are either coming into season or just about gone. Some of the fruits that we will no longer have for a while include: mango, pineapple, lychee, red dragon fruit, and wax apple.

We will have white dragon fruit, passionfruit, avocados, key west mamey, soursop, and longans for only a short time longer.

Persimmons, rambutan, and june plum are full blown in their season, and of course we always have an abundance of bananas.

Now is a particularly good time for papayas.

You can expect black sapote, star apple, egg fruit, jaboticaba, magana mamey, ackee, mountain soursop, and sapodilla in the next coming months.

If you read all of this then you're awesome! Have an amazing day :)