| Edelle Schlegel

Miami Fruit Updates + Special Announcements!

Hey fruitlovers! 

edelle and a truckload of jackfruit

I am sorry about not posting a harvest update post last week, we have been super busy working our tails off lately. I do have a lot of things I'd like to let all of you know, including some really exiting news from the Miami Fruit team.

rane harvesting kandrian bananas

We have still been harvesting loads of fruit, some nam wah straight from our backyard, and of course loads of other amazing high quality fruits from our favorite local South Florida farmers. 

jackfruit growing on the tree

Some of the fruit we have harvested include: jackfruit, canistel, kandrian bananas, goldfinger, longans, key west variety mamey, dragonfruit, pineapple, mango, passionfruit and starfruit! 

longans for sale at miamifruit

We also purchased some rambutan from Guatemala. We were hesitant to list any fruits not grown here in South Florida, but the quality of these rambutan are amazing and we got a lot of positive feedback from our customers. You can purchase a rambutan box here!

rambutan for sale online

Sadly, we are not shipping any boxes other than longan and rambutan right now, because of the high temperatures across the United States, specially on the East coast. You can still pre-order any of your favorite fruits, and we will ship it to you once the weather cools down a bit, we are hoping we can get back to shipping in a week or so, but we are monitoring the weather.

variety box of tropical exotic fruit

It has been raining a lot lately, and the zika virus has also hit South Florida so we have been taking a lot of precautions by emptying containers that fill up with water. Sadly one of our Miami Fruit team members has gotten the virus, but she's okay. 

tabby next to a jackfruit tree

Speaking of zika, we are still selling fruit every Saturday at the Wynwood Farmer's market. If you live in Miami, come to Wynwood and buy some fruit from us, just make sure you take precautions for the mosquitos. 

miami fruit at the farmers market

Rane is a very talented musician, and sometimes plays saxophone at the markets.

rane playing saxophone at the market

We have also been pulling weeds in our sweet potato and turmeric beds at the nursery.

rane pulling weeds at the nursery

Along with all this fruity fun, Rane is training for an ironman triathlon in September! I have also been trying to get more movement into my life by running, swimming, and cycling. In fact, I completed my first century ride with Rane's training team the Trilocos, this month! 

ranetrane running

Amongst all the farming and training, we are also preparing to go on another epic road trip together for the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York! We haven't figured out exactly when we will be leaving just yet, but we have been very busy processing fruit in preparation. You can still order fruit while we are gone, John will be taking over Miami Fruit for us until we come back in late September. 

rane and edelle with variegated bananas

Our last exiting announcement is a major project we have been working on together for a while now, we don't want to give out too many details just yet, but we want to be able to give the people at Woodstock a little taste of Miami Fruit.. ;)

sneak peak

More details will be announced in the future so stay tuned for updates!