| Edelle Schlegel

The history of Gros Michel bananas ūüćĆ

From 1870 until the late 1950s the main variety of banana sold in the United States was called Gros Michel.

This banana was well loved for its sweet flavor and creamy texture.  The artificial banana flavoring used in candies today was even modeled after this flavor.

Unfortunately, this variety was nearly wiped out completely due to the Panama Disease. The Cavendish banana found in every grocery store today took its place.

Even though you won't find Gros Michel bananas in grocery stores because they are no longer commercially grown, they are still grown today by small scale farmers.


Gros Michel is by far our favorite banana variety. The creator of Miami Fruit, Rane, has grown and eaten dozens of different varieties and prefers to have a smoothie containing Gros Michel over any other banana variety.

Even though it's nicknamed "Big Mike", the girth of these bananas is relatively slim. We believe that the "big" comes from the flavor in every bite rather than the actual size.

For the ultimate bubble gum candy experience, blend frozen Gros Michel, jackfruit, and red dragonfruit and enjoy!

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