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Black Sapote Season is almost over 💚 Harvest Update 🌈

We're truly going to miss black sapote season. It is such a satisfying fruit during the cooler winter months. We wish it could last year round, but unfortunately black sapote is going out of season very soon. This week might be our last harvest, so order now if you want some!

Good thing we still have yellow dragonfruit, this refreshly sweet and juice fruit makes the perfect snack.

This week we were able to harvest a large amount of canistel, but quantity is still limited this year due to Hurricane Irma.

Gamboge season has just begun and we are really enjoying the sour flavor this adds to evening salads.

Speaking of sour, we still have passionfruit available right now.

Cacao season is still going strong right now, its nice to throw in a couple pods into your morning smoothie for a quick boost of energy.

Sprouted Coconut is the beginning stages of a coconut tree. It takes 4-6 months for the nut to sprout once it falls from the tree naturally. We are lucky to have an abundance of coconut trees here. Coconut trees produce coconuts in harmony with the moon. Which means they can produce a new rack every month or moonth. This makes Sprouted Coconut a year-round fruit! The flavor of sprouted coconut is mostly savory with hints of sweet. It’s best eaten as an evening meal on its own or mixed with tomato and avocado. There is usually some naturally occurring coconut oil inside the shell surrounding the sprout ball which can be used for moisturizer or eaten. Sometimes the oil will change colors and turn blue or brown which can make the sprouted coconut look discolored, but as long as it smells good, then it’s usually fine to eat. 

These avocados could be the best in the world. The flavor alone is unlike anything you can find in the store, not to mention the color, shape, and vibrancy!
New product alert! Check out our rare cherry tomatoes grown locally on a small farm certified organic by the USDA.

Freeze Dried Cacao available in abundance right now! It's the perfect crunchy snack, just pure cacao beans with the sweet fruit covering the outside.

Try out this satisfying and savory fruitarian meal.
Simply mix sprouted coconut and tomatoes in a bowl! Add avocado to take it to the next level.