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Refund Policy

Thank you for Shopping with us at Miami Fruit!


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are always here to help!


We do have a very forgiving Refund Policy in the event that you receive fruit that is damaged, spoiled, does not ripen properly, or if there is a weight discrepancy with the amount of fruit received.


Please reach out to Miamifruitsales@gmail.com for assistance if any of the above has occurred with your order. 


Miami Fruit Return Policy outlined:

Due to the perishability of our products, Miami Fruit does not accept Returns for health, safety, and logistical reasons. We do however, offer Refunds/Store Credits and Replacements for many reasons listed below.


Miami Fruit Refund/ Replacement Policy:

Anytime you have an issue with an order, we do ask that you send us photos to miamifruitsales@gmail.com on the date that your box is delivered. We ask that these pictures are clear, well lit, and document any issues of concern if you encounter any of the following issues:


  • Damaged fruit

  • Late Delivery or improper handling caused by UPS resulting in spoilage or damage. 
  • If your box arrives damaged, please send us clear photos of all fruits that arrived damaged immediately upon recognizing this, so we can best assist you further. We may ask for further information such as the time-stamps of your photos, how long your box was outside before collection, or the percent of fruit damaged. 


  • Ripening Issues: If there is a ripening issue please send us photos immediately upon recognizing this, so we can best assist you further.

  • Weight Discrepancy: If there is a weight discrepancy with your order, please send us photos of all of your fruit on a produce scale the same day your order is delivered.

    Ideally we will reimburse or partially reimburse the order for store credit or issue a partial refund if any of the above issues occur. Reimbursement is given under the discretion of  Miami Fruit LLC and decided based on the evidence provided by the customer.


    Subscribe And Save Policy:

    "Subscribe & Save" discounts and subsequent subscription agreements require a 4 delivery minimum. 

    Customers who opt in to a "Subscribe & Save" product subscription will be billed 4 times before allowed to cancel the subscription at no extra cost. 

    If customers wish to cancel a Subscription prior to receiving the minimum 4 boxes committed to, we will charge retail cost for the box(es) that have already been received. We will be required to send and receive an invoice for this balance before removing the Subscription early.


    Customers who select the subscribe and save may choose to skip box orders if they are away from home or want a break, however, we will keep your card on file until the subscription is cancelled. 


    Pre-Order Cancellations:

    A $10 cancellation fee will be applied to any pre-order that is cancelled by the customer. 



    Miamifruit reserves the right to no Refunds/ Returns on merchandise.


    If there are any issues with your merchandise please reach out to us via email at miamifruitsales@gmail.com. From here, one of our representatives will work with you to figure out if this product is in “returnable” condition.

    Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 4 weeks of the product being received.

    For all packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date.

    Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.


    PLEASE NOTE: Miamifruit cannot accept returns or issue refunds regarding merchandise that was ordered that does not fit or is “the wrong size”. Please ensure using the sizing guides listed as they are accurate if used properly.