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Refund Policy

Miami Fruit does not accept Returns.

Miami Fruit has a strict "No Refunds" policy. By placing an order, you agree to the following:

No Refunds are Guaranteed

If your package was damaged by the Postal Service, or somehow delayed, we will deal with that problem on an individual basis. We DO NOT Guarentee that we will be able to reimburse or refund you, but we will do our best to remedy the situation.

If any of your fruit/boxes arrived late or damaged, you must take pictures of the fruit IMMEDIATELY and send it to the same day you receive your box. From there we can evaluate the damages and work towards a solution. Ideally we will reimburse or partially reimburse the order for store credit or issue a partial refund, BUT Reimbursement is not guaranteed and reimbursement is given under our (Miami Fruit LLC's) discretion.

Clear, well-lit pictures of all contents of the box help us further assess any possible damage. Please be aware that we cannot control damage caused to the fruit while it is in transit. We do our best to prevent it by protecting the fruit with foam sleeves and hand select the best quality fruits to ship.

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