| Edelle Schlegel

Our Top 3 Tips for Having the Healthiest Year of your Life in 2020 ūüĆĪ

Here are the top three things we try to incorporate into our lives daily to ensure optimum health. We hope that if you make these top three things a priority, when it is time to start working hard again, your work will feel so much more fulfilling.

#1 Eat Nutritious Foods
This one is so often overlooked, not necessarily because nutritious foods aren't always available (although we know they aren't in many places), but just remembering to eat enough is so so important for optimum physical AND mental health. Feed yourself!

#2 Spend Time Outside
Whether you are exercising, eating, or breathing, find a way to do it outside. Now we know we are lucky to be located in sunny South Florida so outside time is easy, but if you live in the snow, go build a snowman, or go for a short walk with a big jacket. Do what you gotta do to breathe that sweet fresh air.

#3 Get Proper Rest & Sleep
Make time to relax and recharge. There is nothing cool about not getting enough sleep or working to complete exhaustion. Going on social media does not count as relaxing time. Relaxing activities include: a light read, watering plants, meditating, daydreaming, or just plain sleeping. Get those 8 hours in my friends. Good sleep will make you so much more productive when it is time to work again.

These simple tips to serve as reminders that fulfilling your basic needs is the utmost form of self love. Take care everyone and Happy New Year!
-Rane and Edelle

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