| Edelle Schlegel

Mid November Harvest Update šŸŒˆ

We've got some exciting updates for ya'll this week!


Black sapoteĀ is back! We just had our first harvest of theĀ chocolate pudding fruitĀ this week and we are catching up on patient pre orders.

Winter jujubeĀ is now available for a short time.

Getting ready for the holidays? Try ourĀ purple sweet potatoesĀ for a grounding, yet antioxidant packed meal!

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This was the most juicyĀ jackfruitĀ I've ever harvested! It was DRIPPING fruity goodness down the sides as I demolished it. My belly actually kind of aches because I ate so much of it as I went along.

Have you ever had fresh jackfruit? This one is the ripe kind where you just eat the delicious yellow fruitĀ Ā right out of the shell. There is an unripe version you can also harvest and use for meat substitutes as it has very little flavor but the texture can be similar to something like pulled pork.

My whole house smells like a u-haul truck of juicy fruit crashed in to it. Thank you @miamifruit for making this possible when the local winter fruits are a little less than satisfactory right now.

Photo and caption from @fitfruitqueen

We love seeing pictures like these from ourĀ customers! Send us a pic or tag usĀ @miamifruitĀ on instagram so we can see!

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