| Edelle Schlegel

Bring the best thing to the table this Thanksgiving! ūüėć

We know thanksgiving might be a little different this year, whether you're having a socially distant thanksgiving or a virtual video chat thanksgiving, it's more important now than ever to put the health in your hands.

Here's two fruits and a tuber that are sure to make a statement at your thanksgiving table, and honestly I can't think of a better way to direct the conversation away from heated topics than with exotic fruit!

The hidden rose apple has a gorgeous pinkish-red inside and a sweet, slightly tart flavor with a crunchy yet juicy texture! They're ready to eat as soon as you receive them, so if you want to make them last longer, put them in the fridge. We have a very limited amount of this fruit available! First come first serve.

We are ALMOST caught up on black sapote pre-orders (we are expecting to be fully caught up next week after a large harvest) which means this fruit will be available just in time for the holidays! You are not gonna want to miss out on this chocolate pudding fruit.

Purple sweet potatoes may not be a fruit, but they sure are gorgeous! This potato stays purple when you cook it which would make such a fun and unique alternative to any dishes that call for regular sweet potatoes. The deep purple color is a result of antioxidants called anthocyanins which are reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity.


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