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Mallika Mango Available This Week ūü•≠

Experience scrumptious Mallika mangos with their fiberless vibrant orange pulp.

Mallika mangos will be shipping this week- don't miss your chance to taste this mesmerizing variety!

Their flavor is a perfect blend of citrus, melon, and honey that will delight your taste buds.

Mahachanok mangos are also shipping this week-

This sweet fiberless variety originated in Thailand and has a unique shape which makes eating them all the more fun!

Do you prefer a variety?

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Here's a sneak peek at some of the varieties you might find in our Mango Mix Boxes that we're sending out this week:
- Lemon Meringue
- Ceci Love
- Sweet Tart
- Cotton Candy
- Cac
- Mallika
- Super Julie
- Diamond
- Kun-si
- Mahachanok

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